Colour can be a useful visual aid in contraband interdiction and physical security (force protection) applications where subtle clues can make the difference between detection and evasion. The C3d Colour Camera Head extends the capabilities of the Wolf Pack system by providing this colour imaging. Attached to any Wolf Pack monitor, the C3d generates high resolution colour video in a wide range of lighting conditions. A built-in, high intensity white light LED array provides additional illumination in dark environments.

Like all Wolf Pack system components, the C3d is designed to withstand the rigours of real-world operations. 


  • Excellent low-light imaging capability with minimum illumination of 0.6 LUX.
  • Exceptionally bright optics with extended depth of field provides focus-free operation from 10.
  • Integrated 2X digital zoom.*
  • Electronic backlight compensation improves image quality in certain difficult lighting conditions.*
  • Multi-position accessory mounting points for external lighting and sensor components.
  • Water-proof and pressure-proof to 10 ATM.
  • Interchangeable articulation section (manual or remote control*) with 180 travel in both up and down directions.

* Enabled with A1d Universal Remote Control sold separately 


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