The C7d thermal camera module provides law enforcement and military personnel with the ulti- mate passive night vision tool. No need for IR illuminators as the C7d relies on the heat signa- tures of objects in the visual field to provide a clear picture of the scene. Fully compatible with the Wolf Pack system, the C7d becomes the first thermal camera available as part of a modular and comprehensive remote viewing system. And, like every other Wolf Pack system component, Eomax has engineered the C7d to survive in the real world.


  • High resolution imagery in total darkness with no requirement for IR illuminators.
  • Wide variety of lens focal lengths from wide angle (HfoV 50º) to telephoto (HfoV 14º)
  • Integrated 2x digital zoom*.
  • Modular design allows attachment to all available Wolf Pack camera extensions as well as the CA8d pistol grip for hand-held camera operation.
  • Water-proof and pressure-proof to 10 ATM.
  • Interchangeable articulation section (manual or remote control*) with 180º travel in both up and down directions.
  • Multi-position accessory mounting points for external lighting and sensor components. 

*Enabled with A1d universal remote control sold separately


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