Warhead (Various type & usage)

WTU-5001/B Practice

This Canadian manufactured warhead is a 10 lb. class warhead which is used as a training substitute for a variety of explosive filled 2.75 inch rocket warheads. ...+View More

WTU-5001 A/B Hardened Rod Practice

This warhead is also of the 10 lb. class and it is primarily used as a training substitute for explosive filled 2.75 inch warheads ...+View More

WDU-500X/B GPF General Purpose Flechette

The General Purpose Flechette (GPF) warhead is an anti-Light Armor warhead containing 80 tungsten flechettes weighing 280 grains (18 grams) each. ...+View More

WDU-5002/B FAT Flechette Anti Tank

The WDU-5002/B Flechette Anti-Tank (FAT) warhead is loaded with five tungsten penetrator rods ...+View More

WDU-5001/B PHEI Penetrator High Explosive Incendiary

The WDU-5001/B Penetrator High Explosive Incendiary (PHEI) warhead is designed to penetrate hardened structures, ...+View More

WAU-5001/B KEP Kinetic Energy Penetrator

The WAU-5001/B Kinetic Energy Penetrator (KEP) is a 10 lb. class warhead designed for use in the anti-armor role. ...+View More

RA-79 HEISAP High Explosive Incendiary Semi-Armor Piercing

The RA-79 High Explosive Incendiary Semi-Armor Piercing (HEISAP) warhead was developed and qualified by Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabriker and the RnoAF primarily for anti-ship roles. ...+View More

M257(M442 Fuze) Illumination

The M257 Illumination warhead was designed for battlefield target illumination. ...+View More

M156 SMOKE (White Phosphorus)

The M156 Smoke (White Phosphorus) warhead is used primarily for target marking purposes. ...+View More

M151 HEPD High Explosive Point Detonating

The M151 High Explosive Point Detonating (HEPD) warhead with the M423 PD nose-mounted fuze is designed for antipersonnel applications. ...+View More

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